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Meet Alex Dawes

Community Day Vanguard Charter AcademyTom VanDerKolk, President of VanDerKolk+Kooi Painting, believes strongly in hiring the best people and then providing the highest caliber of training possible. “It’s my belief that good team members provide the best customer service, and produce the best quality of workmanship,” Tom says.

One of our valued team members is Alex Dawes, and as you might expect, Tom thinks very highly of him. “Alex Dawes is an ambitious and hardworking painter,” Tom says. “He actively engages our clients on every job with great communication skills. He works to understand the full scope of the jobs he works on and delivers consistent quality, while maintaining our rigorous schedule. I am delighted to have him on our team.”

We recently talked with Alex about his role at VanDerKolk+Kooi.

VanDerKolk+Kooi: How long have you been working for VDK+Kooi?

Alex: I have been on the VDK+Kooi team for 3 years now, and my title is foreman.

VDK+Kooi: Of all the painting companies you could work for, what makes working at VDK special?

Alex: The best thing about VDK+Kooi is our owner Tom. He is very fair, honest and treats his customers and employees well.

VDK+Kooi: What is one of your favorite things that you get to do at work?

Alex: My favorite thing about being a painter is the variety of jobs we get to do. Every week I am going to different jobs, facing new challenges, and then seeing successful results from it!

VDK+Kooi: Tell us a little about yourself: any hobbies? what do you like doing after work or on the weekends?

Alex: At the end of the day, I love coming home to my family and taking care of my daughter. And on the weekends I enjoy going up to our family cabin and enjoy time with my family and the beautiful countryside.

What’s ahead for Alex? Tom notes, “Alex is proving to be a great Crew Leader and I can see him in other leadership roles in the future. Thanks, Alex, for your great effort and friendly attitude!”

VanDerKolk+Kooi is always looking to hire hard-working, customer-focused people to join our team. If you are interested in joining our fast-growing company, please email us your resume.

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