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Welcome Jennifer Coipel

Jennifer CoipelVanDerKolk+Kooi Painting is only able to provide exceptional service because of the quality-conscious people who are on our team. We are excited to announce the addition of Jennifer Coipel as our new client advocate.

“I am excited to welcome Jennifer to our team!” says Tom VanDerKolk, president of VanDerKolk+Kooi Painting. “She will capably be serving both our employees and our clients by providing essential communication, support, and detail management that will ensure the successful completion of each and every job.”

Recently, we sat down with Jennifer to get to know her better.

VanDerKolk+Kooi: What sort of work did you do before joining our team? 

Jennifer: My jobs in the past have varied from retail to health care. The job I had for several years before coming on board with VDK+Kooi was with a company that provided testing, inspecting, and certifications. My job was to coordinate and schedule 3rd party Aerospace audits for companies globally, ensuring they maintained their required Aerospace certifications year after year.

VDK+Kooi: You will be doing a lot at VanDerKolk+Kooi Painting. Can you briefly tell us what your job entails?

At VDK+Kooi my title is Client Advocate, and a primary duty of mine is staying in constant communication with clients from job start to job completion. I will be instrumental in further developing our remodeling division of the business, as we want to be a one-stop-shop for all of our customers’ needs.

Currently, I’m in the office quite a bit helping with quotes and tackling some administrative tasks, but the goal is for me to spend the majority of my time outside of the office to work in-person with our customers and crews, and also with the Interior Designer we collaborate with quite often—Kristi Grotenrath. Kristi has a lot to teach, and I’m eager to learn!

VDK+Kooi: What excites you about what you get to do at VDK+Kooi each day?

I love the people I work with! We have quite a variety of personalities and backgrounds, and everyone has something incredible to bring to the table. We’re all here working toward the same goal—happy customers that not only come back to us, but customers so happy with our work that they refer us to their friends, family, and colleagues. This makes for a GREAT day!

VDK+Kooi: Do you have any hobbies you enjoy doing after work and on the weekends?

My #1 hobby (passion, really) is travel. My sister and I make it a point to take a couple weeks every other year to travel internationally. So far, we’ve been to Mexico, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, and Iceland…with our upcoming 2018 trip in the planning stage. A friend of ours has dubbed these sister trips as “sib-cations” and we make them true adventures with challenging hikes (Trolltunga in Norway being the most amazing to date), plenty of interaction with locals, and keeping to more outskirts than cities.

Outside of travel, I really enjoy playing both indoor and beach volleyball, finding great wines and cheeses, spending time with friends and family, and home life with my crew consisting of Conrad (hubby), Gus (dog), Oliver and Luna (cats)—these guys sure keep things interesting!

VDK+Kooi:  Let me echo what Tom VanDerKolk said—your joining our team is a wonderful addition that will benefit everyone involved. We’re excited for our customers to get to know you better!

VanDerKolk+Kooi is always looking to hire hard-working, customer-focused people to join our team. If you are interested in joining our fast-growing company, please email us your resume.

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